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Name and Address of a Property Owner

People often ask me how to track down the owners of properties (or anybody

actually). You might want to do this for a variety of reasons; and your lawyer - before you sign a lease or buy a property - must do this (usually steps 1, 2 and 4). The procedure is complicated, requires a serious knowledge of Hebrew and some internet capabilities above the average. If you just need the private address of an Israeli citizen and know either the ID number or full name in Hebrew, just skip to step 3, this will give you the address and other missing details.

1. You get the exact address and go to "איתור גוש, חלקה וכתובת". This is a free government service to convert the address to lot and parcel (= gush and helqa) numbers.

2. Then go to any one of the sites that offer Land Registry Deeds (= nesah tabu) online, the best seems to be " צפייה והפקת נסח מקוון ". There is a small charge for this. From the deed you will learn the name of the landowner (or the lessee as most land in Israel is owned by the state and leased), including his or her ID number.

3. Now go to the Ministry of Interior, Office of Population Control (=Misrad Hapnim) and ask for this person's details including address (= ittur maan). Try "בקשה לאיתור מען" for the online or postal service. Of course, people, usually the problematic ones, do not update their addresses so this information is often outdated.

4. If the landowner/lessee is a company you use the company registration number (=het peh) or just the company name to get the company's details at " מידע מרשם החברות ". For the owner or managers of the company go to "נסח חברה" using the het peh.

Complicated? Yes.

There are other ways of tracking people down. is one very good one and another is to hire a private detective!

Saul Davis, Adv.

law in israel

שאול דיוויס, עו”ד

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